The slide shows and video on this page have been produced to showcase the design projects exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum (DesignTech) and at various school display nights over the last few years. DesignTech is an annual exhibition that highlights outstanding projects by students from the NSW HSC Design and Technology course. The slideshows from the Powerhouse Museum are produced as a teaching aid to teachers and students prior to visiting the exhibit. They are however a valuable resource for developing ideas for future projects. Each year Board of Studies and the Power House Museum present this exhibition. Schools are able to book sessions in early to mid November each year.

Design tech 2013 exhibition slideshow from Powerhouse Museum

The 2013 Design and Technology Power House display featured a variety of projects covering areas such as Humanitarian concerns, environmental housing, jet-ski life assist signals and bacteria killing door handles. There are also safety focused designs such as luminescent sports wear; industrial prototypes such as an efficient vacuum forming system, a noxious weed sprayer, and a 2-way hydraulic tipping trailer. Students also created an iPad app to track contemporary politics.

Projects displayed for the 2012 exhibition included humanitarian concerns such as water purification systems, sustainable fashion and eco-housing, safety equipment such as assisted lifesaving equipment and desks designed specifically for Autistic children. Some of the examples on show include a couture dress made of recycled materials designed to raise awareness of heart disease and convenience focused designs such as a collapsible asthma spacer, an ironing board that clips onto your existing counter top, an adjustable wake board rack, There was also an iPad app designed to track your school schedule.

Design Tech 2011 exhibition slideshow from Powerhouse Museum