Landscape pictures are probably the most common types of paintings you would find in an art gallery. Artists have been creating paintings of beautiful scenes in nature for centuries. A landscape painting (or photograph) is appealing to artists because they change very slowly. Painting an image becomes much easier when it does not move. In contrast, an image of people or animals that are constantly moving is much more difficult.

Artists and photographers don’t only paint landscapes because the scenery does not move however. They take a lot of time photographing scenic locations and nature. With just a few tips, you should be able to produce a great photo.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house on a sunny day.

The best place to start taking amazing pictures is to select an amazing location. A nice landscape can be found anywhere. You just need to be able to visualise it. It will be an advantage if you are in a location which has a snow covered mountain, fields of rolling green grass of sunflowers or a tropical island with a long line of palm trees. However, any location can provide opportunities for a great landscape.

Taking better landscape pictures

Photographing animals

Photographing winter

Holiday pictures


Photographing sport