The job of an Architect is a classic design job where the balance of aesthetics and functionality needs to be in harmony. An architect needs to be familiar with all aspects of building design. They need to understand issues such as load-bearing and concrete strengths through to the function of drainage and specific council requirements for a variety of building types zoning.

Fashion designer
Fashion is an ever-changing industry. The job of a Fashion designer is a job for someone with the ability to predict what future trends will be.  A fashion designer develops clothing, accessories, footwear and other items of personal apparel. They need to have an understanding of design and construction of clothing as well as historical development and styles. It is also important to have an understanding of manufacturing techniques.
A Fashion Designer will prepare clothing samples to test products and need effective illustrating and freehand sketching skills. They will often be employed in clothing or textiles companies who mass produce clothing for the clothing retail trade.

THOMAS SHERATON 1751-1806 furniture designer lived here

Furniture designer/maker
Furniture designers develop and prepare furniture for manufacturing. This job involves producing new and exciting furniture that meets the needs, opportunities and fashions of now and the future. It concerns not just the building of furniture, but design and innovation to lead to something new and exciting. Furniture design is a specialist area of industrial design. The profession has a rich history and a close relationship with fashion, which makes this area distinctly different from many product design areas. Furniture designers consider functional and aesthetic aspects and ergonomics. They prepare models, drawings and prototypes to assist in the decision making process. They prepare documentation for manufacturers to follow in the construction process.
Furniture designers are employed in manufacturing companies, design consultancies or in self employment positions.

Colouring pencilsGraphic artist
Graphic design (also known as a Graphic designer) involves developing and producing graphical images for communication-based companies such as advertising agencies. This career requires a higher level of artistic talent than some other design occupations. We can all learn to produce clear and informative images, but some people have natural abilities that allow them to excel in this job.Work opportunities for Graphic designers can be found in advertising agencies, public relations firms, design consultancies, web site design, packaging design and printing, book publishing and magazine production companies.

Industrial designer
This profession usually involves designing and realising functional machines and processes. It is varied and includes fields as diverse as mining, food production, metals, building products and electronics. In this field, specific design jobs may be narrow and purpose driven.

Interior designer
Interior designers plan and detail commercial and residential building interiors. An interior designer will plan traffic flow, furniture, fixtures and surface finishes, space allocation and building services. They have an eye for colour and detail in this profession that moves with social trends and opinions. A clear brief from the client is essential to create the look they want. What is popular and acceptable this year may, like fashion, not be so in a few years.An interior designer often works as part of a team that may include architects, builders, project managers, engineering consultants, cabinet makers and furniture designers and manufacturers.

Web designer

This job involves producing interesting, functional and diverse internet and digital media pages while keeping pace with fast-moving technologies. It requires a good understanding of text based communication and requires they to use symbols, colours, images, animation and audio-visual skills sets. This occupation combines cutting-edge technology with artistic and visual flair. Web design is popular among young people because it is an environment with which they are familiar and comfortable.A web designer will work as a part of a larger team. They may work with specialists such as photographers, illustrators, sound engineers and recordists, animators and copywriters, however, the job may also require the web designer to be responsible for all these areas.

Göteborgs botaniska trädgård-IMG 5572

Landscape designer
The Landscape designer must take into account many considerations including climate, location and position. Clients will want their garden to be unique, so creativity linked with horticultural knowledge in required to design an inviting space. While some of the time working as a gardener will be spent in day-to-day maintenance, the plans of ongoing care and layout need careful consideration.

Set designers
Set designers manage the designing and construction of sets for theatre, television and film productions. Set designers need to understand the requirements of the entertainment industry they are designing for as well as understanding construction techniques, safety standards and strengths of materials and structures. Many designs made for film sets are temporary and require easy assembly and dis-assembly. A set designer would find employment in theater or film companies, television studios, advertising companies or in corporate event productions.

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