When commencing any new drawing in your Graphics class, you need to provide information to identify the drawing and information about it. The title block includes the border and the various sections for providing quality, administrative and technical information.

Preferably, title blocks should be located at the bottom of the page and they should provide all the information needed for the drawing. The title block does not need to be exactly the same for each and every drawing or drawing style. Considerable flexibility is necessary in the arrangement of the title blocks to suit all situations in Graphics Technology.

A title block design should have space for:-

  • Student name (or drawers name)
  • Title or name of the drawing
  • Date drawn
  • A 3rd or 1st angle projection symbol
  • The drawings scale (1:1, 2:1, 1:100 etc)
  • Grade awarded

Additional information that could be included such as

  • Drawing number
  • All dimensions in mm statement.
Simple Title Block
Fig. 1.1 – Simple Title Block
Simple Title Block 2
Fig 1.2 – Simple Title Block 2