U.S. Navy photo by James F. Antonucci Public domain
U.S. Navy photo by James F. Antonucci Public domain

Almost every sector of the 21st century economy is at least partially dependent on computers and computer specialists. In some companies, computer programmers and technicians are simply needed to help keep records; in others, productivity and innovation are entirely driven by computers and computer experts. Computer-based careers offer many clear incentives to potential professionals.


The most obvious advantage to computer-based careers is that they are in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for software developers is expected to show growth of 30 percent between 2010 and 2020, much faster than other professions. As the economy moves up and down, many job prospects are heavily affected. In many industries, workers compete with each other for any job opportunity, lowering the chances of landing a position at all. For computer-based careers, the opposite is true. Computer expertise is inherently valuable, a trend that is expected to continue in the future. This means that not only will a lot of jobs be open to you; it also means that companies will compete for your services.


Another benefit of a computer career is that your skills are adaptable, giving you options that open up even more opportunities. For example, if you work with computers at a doctor’s office but you want to switch jobs, it is unlikely that you will have to relearn everything to work with computers for a growing financial firm. Computer skills tend to build upwards, meaning that the skills you learn at one job are likely to benefit you later in your career, even if you are working in a completely different field. Since computers are so pervasive in almost every industry, a career in computers is one way to stay open to as many different opportunities as possible.

Work Anywhere

Unlike many other jobs, careers with computers allow you a great degree of mobility. If you are talented with computers, it is likely that you can gain employment just about anywhere, whether it’s with another branch of the same company or in a totally new business in another part of the world. Computer careers often are convenient because they don’t always require your physical presence. The same job often can be performed whether you move out of the country or down the street. Computer skills can also allow you to work from home or start your own business.


Even if you are doing the most basic type of work with computers, such as keeping records, computer careers allow for a high degree of creativity. Even simple tasks and procedures can always be improved. Careers with computers allow you to be solution oriented. This is a field in which creativity and individual initiative can pay off. You never know when you might discover a shortcut that will save your employer millions of dollars. The endless possibilities for innovation and creativity give you many opportunities for advancement and new pursuits.

Article originally posted at http://work.chron.com/advantages-computing-career-12742.html by Linda Ray, Demand Media