Project Ideas For Your H.S.C Timber Major Project

A Hall Table

Hall TableA Hall table can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is a piece of furniture which allows the Industrial Technology student to demonstrate some designing skills, a variety of complex and simple joining methods such as widening joints, mortise and tenon and dowel. A more complex project can include a drawer or drawers and so, provides the opportunity to demonstrate skills in dovetails, box pin and housing joints,  A Hall Table can be designed to fit a corner or other small space in the home.  They are generally a project which consumes a small volume of material, thus keeping the costs relatively low. The example pictured has wood bending incorporated into its design. This can be achieved through laminating thin strips of timber into the desired shape. For an additional design element, the laminated sections could be constructed from a contrasting timber such as Huon pine or similar coloured timber.

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A Box or Chest

Jewellery boxA box can be a small project such as a Jewellery box or a larger object like a blanket box. Whilst a small box seems like a simple project, it can achieve the highest of marks if completed well. A Jewellery box involves intricate joinery which requires precision and accuracy. Skills such as marquetry can be incorporated into the project. A larger project such as a blanket box or tool chest also has potential to incorporate a variety of joining methods and skills. The more competent student will be able to incorporate higher degree of difficulty joints such as dovetails or finger joints. These smaller projects have the additional benefit of being able to be stored away easily when not being worked on and generally require a smaller investment in timber. A box such as the one pictured above may seem a simple project, however, the skills involved in constructing an item such as this could potentially achieve at a band 6 level (if constructed well) due to the degree of difficulty and potential to use techniques such as veneering and marquetry in addition to a variety of joining methods..

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Chairs, Stools and Bench seats

European Beech Timber Bench Seat -

Producing a chair as your major work can be a challenging task. Depending on the design and construction method you chose, chairs can be complex to produce and assemble. A piece of furniture used to sit on can be a stool, a 4 legged chair, a rocking chair a swing chair or a bench. It may be something else also. The design and construction of a chair can offer students many opportunities to showcase their talents.  Even smaller projects such as a stool can potentially incorporate a range of skills to showcase to the examiners. A traditional stool could have components such as wood turning and carving as well as mortise and tenon construction. A more contemporary design could have these elements and/or timber bending, laminating and marquetry components depending of the design selected and the final intended use. There are many different styles of seating types which may interest you as an Industrial Technology student and which may fit into your needs at home currently.

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