A website is primarily used to provide information. The first step that needs to be completed in developing a website is to lelect a topic.

Gather the information – Collect the information you want to include on your web page. This will include the images, diagrams and text. Keep in mind that you must have permission to use any information or images that you use.

Organise Information – Divide the information you gather into different sections. Each section will be a separate page. Each page should contain enough information to fill the page. Avoid leaving empty spaces. You should also be aware that larger file sizes on pictures will increase the time it takes for the page to load.

Enter information – Enter the text you want to appear on your web page. Each page should be a separate document. We can use a number of different programs to do this. Programs such as FrontPage or Dreamwever can do this.

Add Links – Adding links is an important step in creating web pages. Links are texts or images that users can select to display pages on the web. The links you add to your web pages should allow users to easily move through information of interest.

Publish Web Pages – When you finish creating your web pages, you can have a company called a Web Presence Provider (WPP) publish your pages. A web presence provider will store your pages on a web server to make the pages available for other people to view. Some examples of WPP’s are Go daddy, Crazy Domains and Bluehost. After you publish your web pages, you should test the pages to ensure that your links work properly and your information appears the way you want.