Year 11 & 12 Graphics

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Course,Learn about,Title,Description,Resource type,Link
Prelim,Freehand Drawing,2D and 3D freehand drawing,A freehand drawing is a drawing done by hand without the use of tools or aids such as templates or stencils or by tracing.,Information page,Freehand drawing

Prelim,Pictorial drawing,,Pictorial drawings provide a 3D image to help understand the drawing. There are 4 different ways to draw a pictorial drawing Isometric Oblique Perspective and Axonometric,Information page,Pictorial drawing

Prelim,,Engineering and product drawing,,,,

Prelim,Orthographic projection,,,,

Prelim,Assembley drawing,,,,

Prelim,Mechanical drawing,,,,

Prelim,Product drawing,,,,

Prelim,Presentation drawing,,,,

Prelim,Engineering drawing,,,,

Prelim,Brief history of Australian architecture,Australian architecture,,Web link,

Prelim,Brief history of Australian architecture,List of early Australian Architects and Builders,,Information page,Early Australian architects

Prelim,Architectural style,,,Web link,Japanese Architecture – Modern and Traditional

Prelim,Influences of European style,,,,

Prelim,Influences of American style,,,Web link,American Architecture

Prelim,Influences of American style,American House Styles,,Information page,American House Styles and periods

Prelim,Influences of American style,American residential Styles,,Youtube video,Residential Architectural styles

Prelim,Brief history of Australian architecture,,,Web link,Old House Architecture Australia

Prelim,Brief history of Australian architecture,,,Video,Melbourne excibition centre (Video)