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Industrial Technology – Timber (Preliminary and H.S.C)
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Industrial Technology is an elective 100 or 200-hour course that develops students’ knowledge and understanding of materials and processes in a range of technologies. They develop knowledge and skills relating to the selection, use and application of materials, tools, machines and processes through the planning and production of quality practical projects. The Industrial Technology course may be studied through one of eleven focus areas: automotive, building and construction, ceramics, electronics, engineering, farm maintenance, leather, metal, multimedia/photography, polymers and timber.

The Industrial Technology Years 7-10 Technology syllabus builds upon the knowledge, skills and experiences developed in mandatory technology education from kindergarten to Year 8 through the K-6 Science and Technology syllabus and the Technology (Mandatory) Years 7-8 syllabus. Students may focus further on this subject matter in Years 11-12 through subjects such as: Design and Technology, Technology and Applied Studies Life Skills, Industrial Technology, Engineering Studies, Metal and Engineering VET, Construction VET, Electrotechnology CEC.

During the 200-hour course students will be involved in the planning, development and construction of quality practical projects and the writing of project reports. Students may study up to two 200-hour courses, each based on a different focus area of the Industrial Technology syllabus.

The BOS Years 7-10 Syllabus Course Descriptors document provides a more detailed course description, including School Certificate requirements.