The list of ideas below may help you in selecting a major project.

Some of these ideas will have links which may be useful as inspirational material. I would suggest using this list to help develop discussion within students in your class or to begin a mind mapping exercise which may ultimately generate a short list of ideas that may be suitable for your Major Design Project (MDP)


A piece of household furniture using recycled materials (View example)
A theater costume (View example)
A range of stamps with a theme (View example 1) or (View example 2)
An object used to hang coats (View example)
A manufacturing jig
A water monitoring device
A walking frame for a child with disabilities
Protective clothing
Protective equipment (View video link)
An interior design for an office or home
Clothing that gives feedback (View example)
Swimwear (View example)
A household appliance
A water craft (Boat, Canoe or surfboard) (View example)
Clothing accessories or a coordinated fashion range (View example)
A toolbox for woodworking tools
A range of pottery
A graphic design of a car, truck, train or bus
A packaged computer game (View example)
A new tool for a specific task
A boat trailer
An iBook (View example 1) or (View example 2)
A toy for a child with disabilities
A print publication


A product developed in kit form (View Video Link)
A security system
Water drainage system
A crop management system
A system to encouraging better nutrition
A hydroponics system
A manufacturing production line
A marketing/management strategy for a new product
An interactive multi-media computer package
A robotics application
A system for reducing household energy use
A traffic control unit
A theatrical lighting system
A colour photographic storage system
An urban transport system
A computer program for data analysis
A household management system. (View link)


A design to minimise flooding effects on houses (View link)
A foyer for a hospital
An innovative design for a tent (View link)
A more permanent tent structure (View link)
A housing estate
A computer network environment
A soil conservation strategy for a rural property
An urban recreational walking path
An outdoor exercise circuit a town plan
A playground (View link)
A solar house
A food conservation program
A restaurant or coffee shop in a shopping center
Signage for a new transport precinct
A sustainable farm
An industrial complex
An underground dwelling (View link)
An ergonomically designed work environment
Fire resistant house
A mini wonderland at a children’s hospital
A modern building.
A new railway station layout
An amusement park