In selecting a project for your H.S C, there are a few things that need to be considered. Your finances may be the most important. Space to store the project during construction, what you hope to achieve as a H.S.C mark, the skills that the project allows you to display.

Below are two timber projects. They both are project examples that would provide a student many opportunities to display their skills with fine joining techniques and intricate joining elements. They are both however projects that should be attempted by students who have previously demonstrated patience and an eye for detail in addition to a high degree of skill.

Band 6 project examples

Project Example A

Timber Cabinet in Tasmanian Myrtle and Huon Pine. Image Jason Merlino
Timber Cabinet in Tasmanian Myrtle and Huon Pine. (Jason Merlino)

The cabinet to the left was designed to store DVD and Blu Ray disks. The design brief was for a cabinet that would reflect a South American Inca traditions. A project of this type will give you a number of opportunities to display your skills to the H.S.C examiners. There are various joints to construct, the use of a variety of construction techniques including using veneer, various joining methods and wood bending.It was constructed from Tasmanian Myrtle and Huon Pine. A cabinet with sloped sides will be much more difficult to construct compared to one with traditional straight sides. This will however provide the opportunity to achieve a higher grade, as long as you complete the project well. A project such as this will incorporate framing joinery such as Mortise and Tenon and/or dowel joints, veneering skills, door construction and hanging, possible inlay elements on the flat top surface. A project such as this would be capable of achieving a band 6 if constructed well and supported by a well documented and concise folio.

Estimated Project cost $750

Estimated Higher School Certificate grade –  55 to 60 marks out of 60

Estimated construction time 80 to 90 hours

Project Example B

Music Stand constructed with reclaimed timber in Silky Oak, Huon Pine, Jarrah, Bunya Pine and Kuri Pine
Music Stand (Jason Merlino)

The Music Stand was constructed from reclaimed timber. It is constructed in Silky Oak, Huon Pine, Kuri Pine, Bunya Pine and Jarrah. The Music stand above  is largely constructed from laminated Jarrah and Huon Pine. A project which requires laminating of components has a higher degree of difficulty as often you will need to first construct a mold to laminate the parts together.

Whilst the construction of this project did not cost the estimated amount below, a project of this type with the timbers used if purchased would be roughly this amount.

Estimated project cost $280 – $350

Estimated Higher School Certificate grade –  55 – 60 marks out of 60

Estimated construction time 45 – 50 hours.


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