File A block of related data written to a storage device
Backup A copy made by the user, on disk or tape, of software or data, to guard against accidental loss.
Character A single letter, number or symbol
Data Raw facts that can be input, stored, processed, output and retrieved from a computer
Form Usually a database layout in which a single record is displayed
Database A collection of related records organised and stored so that information can be obtained by the user
DBMS Database Management System
Dictionary Storage area on a disk that holds files or programs. A directory may also be called a folder
Expert system A computer program that consists of knowledge in the form of facts and educated guesses
Field A subdivision of a record containing a specified piece of data
Query A question asked of a database using a structured query language specific to the database
Record A collection of facts about an entity in a database, made up of one or more related fields
Report A collection of data and statistics gathered from an analysis of the data in the database
Secondary Sources that provide data indirectly
Sort The arrangement of data in a particular order, such as ascending or descending
Table A design layout which displays data in columns and rows
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