Time lapse videos are everywhere. They are used to show the construction of buildings, movement around an area by people or cars. They are used to provide information that is not visible to the human eye. I am a gadget junkie and techie nerd. I have become obsessed with time lapse videos and while surfing the net trying to figure out how to make one, stumbled across my latest toy. A camera that makes time lapse videos, requiring no stitching and very little set up. I like anything that makes my life easier particularly if I need to process hundreds or even thousands of images for a small video clip. Stop motion photograph is particularly time consuming. The Brinno TLC200 Pro is the first video camera to shoot time lapse HDR. The HDR is processed on the fly and the camera is very simple to setup and use. The dynamic range of the video is amazing for such a simple unit.

The camera automatically converts its captured still images into frames of 720p video, which it records onto an SD card. When the contents of that card are then transferred to a computer, they show up as an AVI video file.

The Brinno TLC200 Pro creates HD videos. Simply set the time interval for picture taking using its Menu and Time buttons, leave the camera in your desired location and let the Brinno do the work.

The 5-megapixel lens is rotatable up to 120 degrees, and you can attach an additional wide-angle lens to capture a larger view. By default, it captures two pictures each second, or you can set it to take images at intervals from every 1 second to every 24 hours.

An optional shutter line accessory lets you easily make stop motion videos.

Brinno TLC200Pro time-lapse camera
Brinno TLC200Pro time-lapse camera

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