Drawing sheets in current use are sized according to the ISO “A” series. The drawing sheets are not square. The range of preferred sizes of the trimmed sheets selected from the main ISO “A” series are shown below.

 Designation Dimensions
AO 841 X 1189
A1 594 X 841
A2 420 X 594
A3 297 X 420
A4 210 X 297
A5 148 X 210
A6 105 X 148
A7 74 X 105
A8 52 X 74
A9 37 X 52
A10 26 X 37

Standard International Paper Sizes

When looking at a diagram showing the relationship of the “A” sizes of drawing sheets, it is clear to see that the

A1 size is half the size of the A0

A2 size is half the size of the A1

A3 size is half the size of the A2 and

A4 size is half the size of the A3.

The A0 size paper is one square meter in area. It lends itself to a paper weight unit GSM (Grams per Square Meter). It is generally expected that a drawing sheet should incorporate a frame or border which encloses the drawing area. The width of the frame should be between 7mm and 20mm, depending on the size of the sheet. The sheet border should be completed with a title block (Click to read more). A title block is positioned at the bottom right hand corner of the frame. Basic information is recorded here such as the drawing date, Scale, drawing number and the drawers name.