H.S.C Timber Project Examples

www.wrtimbers.com.au Hall Table Murray River Hall Table

Bench Seat

Degree of difficulty 5 – 6

Hall Table

Degree of difficulty 6 – 7

Hall table

Degree of difficulty 5 – 6

This type of project would incorporate framing joints, and widening joints. Students wishing to incorporate additional skill could incorporate inlay into the seat, some carving to the seat or legs and possibly some wood turning to rails or back slats. The hall table above uses wood bending techniques. It also incorporates a draw which would allow for a variety of additional joining methods such as Dovetail joints, Box pin joints and housing joints.  Additional skills could be demonstrated by adding an inlay to the top. A longer table such as the one above can be an achievable project whilst still providing great scope for design and construction skills. Any tale with legs will allow a student to produce Mortice and Tenon joints and/or dowel joints. The solid top could incorporate biscuit joints, dowel joints and a variety of tongue in groove joints.
Jewellery box Music Stand Cabinet

Jewellery Box

Degree of Difficulty 7 – 9

Music Stand

Degree of Difficulty 6 – 7

Storage Cabinet

Degree of Difficulty 6 – 8

A Jewellery box is always a good project to attempt. The Music stand above  is largely constructed from laminated Jarrah and Huon Pine. A project which requires laminating of components has a higher degree of difficulty as often you will need to first construct a mold to laminate the parts together. The above storage cabinet was constructed from Tasmanian Myrtle and Huon Pine. A cabinet with sloped sides will be much more difficult to construct compared to one with traditional straight sides. This will however provide the opportunity to achieve a higher grade, as long as you complete the project well. A project such as this will incorporate framing joinery such as Mortise and Tenon and/or dowel joints, veneering skills, door construction and hanging, possible inlay elements on the flat top surface. A project such as this would be capable of achieving a band 6 if constructed well and supported by a well documented and concise folio.